Written/Recorded 10/14/12 in HEXBASE



Inside the Gray Compound / a maze of slabs & bones

Upturned floor, broken paths / frozen dirt on ancient stones

They entered without knowing where / the door to the layer of thrones

Inside the corridors they walked / stepping inside holes

Their bodies emitted a morbid pulse / a creak, a low-pitched drone

that echoed through the chamber endless / empty & alone

The halls took on a different look / they moved inside themselves

Navigating without hope / deeper into this hell

/ / /

Rooms and tombs, open locks / splitting into groups they watched

a looming fear creep over each blotch / their minds seeped into hex-shaped blocks

Straining anxious, thirst not quenched / Reaching out to open end

Losing touch w/ the outside / plotting out a dotted line

All were lost and separated / Ripped apart, wet ends serrated 

Cryptic openings, tombs undated / Earth grown up, eviscerated

Marching along without time / Filth, life, endless crime

A closed door materialized out of shadows / revealing the ending of the battle

They did not know that they would find inside / My rotting body, three days died

Eyes exploded, flesh bloated vile / suit half dissolved, dripping bile

Screams bounced off walls, leaving this place never still / It took their lives, their live to will

Now streaming light washing over all in rays / blocked out are all signs of day

Air suspended, dust floating stray / Everything an even Gray